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Monday, November 24, 2014
Total 3D Entertainment System

Total 3D Entertainment System

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Developed by Digital Projection International and Mechdyne Corporation, the Total 3D Experience system is a revolutionary 3D content delivery system. By pairing one of Digital Projection's active-3D projectors (TITAN Reference 1080p-3D, LIGHTNING 1080p-3D, M-Vision Cine 3D) with a Dimension 3D media server, the combined system renders the most powerful, large-screen 3D experience available today. Additionally compelling is the system delivers off-the-shelf compatibility with current and future stereoscopic 3D media formats. Ease of use is the key to this 3D media solution.

Whether you're interested in Hollywood's growing list of 3D movies, or the abundant amount of 3D games that are already available, the Total 3D Experience system allows you to experience truly immersive 3D content. And when it comes to 3D, large-screen home theaters deliver an incomparable experience.

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History and Specifications of the Total 3D Experience System

Digital Projection International and Mechdyne Corporation, the world's largest immersive visualization solutions company, have developed a turnkey 3D entertainment system, complete with custom media server, designed to provide a range of 3D content for home cinema applications. A powerful Windows based server is the heart of the Total 3D Experience System, which also utilizes the most advanced active 3D glasses, IR emitter and powerful graphics adapter.

When paired with one of Digital Projection’s 3D projectors (View DP's 3D projectors for elite Home Theater here: Home Cinema Projector List), the Total 3D Experience System presents 1080p images at 120Hz, creating the most dynamic, large scale, high resolution 3D entertainment imaginable.

Powerful 3D entertainment has long been a dream for the consumer market, but a standardized delivery system has not been available. The Total 3D Experience System fills that gap. The pre-configured packages are customizable, but every system includes:

    • An M-Vision Cine 3D, TITAN Reference 1080p-3D or LIGHTNING 1080p 3D display, suitable for the scale of the home cinema.
    • The Dimension server - a military-grade high capacity, high bandwidth 3D media server.
    • An extreme performance graphics adapter – capable of rendering 1080p gaming and HD content at frame rates up to 120 Hz.
    • Blu-ray Drive – compatible with future Blu-ray 3D releases and current active stereo 3D movies.
    • Preloaded stereographic viewers, 3D games and 3D demonstration movies.
    • Active 3D glasses – for the highest quality 3D available.
    • Infra-red emitters to synchronize the server, projector and 3D glasses.
    • A pre-programmed iPod touch™ that acts as a touch screen system controller, complete with a simple user interface.

Identifying the need for such a system, the display experts at Digital Projection turned to the 3D technology experts at Mechdyne Corporation. With decades of experience integrating high performance stereoscopic displays, servers and software for advanced commercial and military applications, Mechdyne has been integral in the development of this seamless, high performance 3D system for the high-end home entertainment market.

The Mechdyne crafted Dimension 3D server, at the heart of the Total 3D Experience System, is extremely flexible. It can be used as an engine for 3D gaming and as a server for streaming pre-loaded 3D media, downloading new 3D content via 3D oriented websites on the internet. The Dimension server additionally includes a Blu-ray DVD drive that will support future 3D Blu-Ray movies, which are expected to be plentiful in the near future. Furthermore, the Dimension server incorporates an advanced application that renders existing 2D DVD’s into virtual 3D.

The Total 3D Experience Systems will be sold by Digital Projection and delivered by Digital Projection’s select home theater integrator network. Customers of the Total 3D Experience System will receive customer support from both companies, with DPI supporting the projection displays and Mechdyne providing additional support on the balance of this advanced system. To assure Total 3D Experience customers can begin enjoying their 3D system right away, numerous 3D movie clips and games are provided pre-installed on the server. In addition, customers and integrators who purchase the Total 3D Experience System will be receive periodic updates on newly released 3D content and how it may be obtained and enjoyed via the Dimension 3D server.

All of the necessary components have finally aligned to deliver the highest quality, truly immersive 3D home entertainment to the home cinema venue: server, content, user interface, and a DPI 3D display for the ultimate presentation. The Total 3D Experience System brings the latest 3D movies, games and events home, for an extraordinary entertainment experience.

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